Souvenirs on the Strand

A Strand shop window

A recent walk along the Strand in search of fidget spinners led me to start thinking about souvenirs. Sadly the Strand doesn’t feature in London-themed merchandise – it’s not as cool as the other big streets. A couple of years ago I asked a souvenir seller why he didn’t have items with the Strand? He just laughed and shrugged.

A Strand shop window

Meanwhile, you can buy some weird souvenirs. A corgi with a tiara? Yes! A nodding queen? Yes! The King’s College London shop in Bush House sells its own brand of bears: I thought they looked miserably in need of liberation.

A Strand shop window

Has anyone seen any other curious curios?



Clare Brant

About Clare Brant

Clare is co-Director of the Centre for Life-Writing Research, and Professor of Eighteenth-century Literature & Culture in the English Department at King’s College London.

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