Windows on Maureen Duffy from 2015

Maureen Duffy is a playwright, poet, novelist and biographer—her output totalling some 34 published works to date. She was an undergraduate at King’s College London in the 1950s, which she subsequently re-imagined as 'Queen’s' College London in her novel Capital (1975). King's now hosts her archive, and the Strand Campus windows feature a biographical installation dedicated to her achievements.


In this video, and accompanying podcast from 2015, King's alumna Katie Webb talks about the process of archiving Duffy’s work and a conference held at King’s in 2013 to celebrate her life, writing and 80th birthday. Duffy shares reminiscences, readings, reflections, and creative responses to the themes of ‘fabric’ and ‘fabrication’, shedding light on the literary history of King’s, her place on the Strand and how it has influenced her writing.


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The Windows on Maureen Duffey event, part of the 'Fabrication'-themed 2015 Arts and Humanities Conference at King's College London

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