Digging in the Archives with Patricia Methven: An Interview

The soft-spoken yet direct Patricia Methven is no stranger to the Strand, having lived in London since 1969 and worked at King’s College since 1978 in various positions. Today she is the Acting Director of Information Service Systems, which includes IT and Library Services. Today she is the Director of Archives and Information Management, a…

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Memories of the Strand: Dr Barrie Morgan

As part of the Strand Lines Project I met with Dr Barrie Morgan to talk about his associations and interactions with the area whilst working at King’s. Dr Morgan was initially a Lecturer in the Geography Department when he first joined King’s in the late 1960’s. His career spanned to become founding Director the International…

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The Strand

This story has been kindly contributed by Gerald Collins. The Strand is the gateway to Temple Bar and the City boundary. Originally lined with palaces and mansions the only reminder being the street names i.e. Essex Street, Villiers Street. As a child in the early 1950’s my parents would take me to Lyons Corner House…

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