AIM25 is an educational charity supporting the development and use of historic archives in the London area. It has some 150 institutional members, including universities, learned societies, art galleries and local authorities.

The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields

We are working with the Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields, a support centre for homeless people in the area. The Connection is a fantastic creative as well as a supportive hub. It houses a creative writing group, a walking tours group, and an active Art group. Recent work by homeless photographers at the Connection can be viewed on their Flickr page.


Ego-Media is five-year project funded by the European Research Council to assess the impact of digital and social media upon the practices and experiences of life writing and related modes of ego narrative. It uses a combination of life writing theory and new media theory (including the notion of the networked self), participant observation of blogs, vlogs, social media and emergent sites, and interviews and discussions with selected online users.

King's College London Archives

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Westminster City Archives

Westminster City Archives hold many Strand-related images and texts that they have kindly allowed the Strandlines team to digitise for the project website.The Archives Centre is a wonderful resource for people who wish to research their local or family history. It houses and preserves newspapers, books, pamplets, photographs, drawings and sketches, parish registers, census returns and local government records. The Archives have also recently set-up a web-based resource, Westminster Memories, which brings together community collections from the local area. These include Church Street Memories, Soho Memories, and West End at War.