Peabody Life Writing Group

These are the words we would use to describe ourselves:

Enthusiasm, Disparate, Diverse, Imagination, Connection, Resourcefulness, Interpretation, Aware, Opinions, Originality, Factual, Patterns, Creative, Artistic, Goodandbad, Articulate, Poetic, Expressive, Futuristic, Down to Earth, Grass Roots, Humorous, Eccentric, Ecclectic, Positive, Free Form, Fluid.

We find it difficult to decide upon a single word to describe us, because of our disparity. We choose a poem, which we think better expresses this:

Diversity by Donald McDonnell

Perhaps, as a reservoir

Or a metaphor

Perhaps, as a mirror

Of reflected images


The small wine glass

Epitomised for me

The transient aspects

Of our finite duration


It looks proud and serene

But fragile too

Like human beings

To stress and brutality


It’s a simple round object

With volume and dimension

Yet it can cut and scar

Like a violent beast taking umbrage


As a container

It can hold good or bad

Depending on the input

And the intention


Just an ordinary item

Yet it has many dimensions

Like so much else

In our worldly spell