Rags and Riches Walking Tour

This tour combines the experiences of people who have lived, slept and worked on the streets in and around the Strand area with the history of its buildings, parks and places. It tells of bricks and buildings; churches and palaces; cold steps and hard places. It talks of people past and present who have lived worked and slept in this area.

Above all it tells of a living history, combining the past and the present with the way that lives and time are intertwined.

The walk has been compiled with the help of The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields, a charity that works to help homeless people who live and sleep in and around the Strand area. Each stop on the route combines personal experiences with historical information to create a walk that links the past and the present. To complete the circular route will take about an hour.

Download the tour guide

This leaflet accompanies this walk provides brief details of each stop.

Rags and Riches: A Walking Tour of the Strand [PDF]